Palestine problem

Palestine and Israel problems is a really drawn-out problem in the background of the planet. Israelis inhabited several places are ’seed by Palestine and detain several of individuals. They killed them and assault the people that are common with guns that are harmful. Several kids also got murdered by the military’s assaults on Palestine.

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Water pollution

Water is very important for all the living things in the universe.
All living things need water to grow and to save the life of all the humans.
All the plants need water to grow and they provide great help to the humans.
Water is now getting polluted just because of the industrial wastes and the agricultural pesticides.
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The past and recent days

Both india and Pakistan, They were of the view that they will rule the subcontinent after the British  That is way relationship between the both countries have never been good  India is all the time trying to defeat Pakistan on their borders and trying to occupy the Pakistani areas   Lees verder...